Would you be proud of your logo on a T-Shirt?

Posted by on Oct 5, 2016 in Design, News | No Comments


It may sound obvious, but would you wear it…with pride?  Because that is what you need for your target audience to buy your product.  You want them to respond to your logo and embrace it as a brand they would want to be a part of.  A brand they would wear on a T-Shirt.  In the past, I have heard a lot of comments from possible client prospects about logo design and how it should work.  Comments like… “Just put the type on the card.  I just need a business card that I can hand out to people.”  Or…”Here is my company name “X,” just put something together for me.  I mean, how many different ways can it be done anyway?”


My answer would always be, “It is important how your logo looks on your card and every where else it may need to be and…YEAH…there are about a thousand different ways to approach and solve a design project.”  This identity will be how you represent yourself and your company for many years to come.  It takes on a life of its own.  A voice of its own.  Think of your favorite brand right now and how does it make you feel?  Yeah.. that is because it was designed like that.  Through research, trial and error, craftsmanship and a bit of gut instinct, that logo went from nothing into something and made you feel that way.

So when you go to develop your own logo, take the time and do it right.  Research and hire a professional graphic designer, studio or agency to do the work with you.  Heck, give me a call! (#ShamelessSelfPromo).  They will take your simple idea or company and turn it into a thriving brand…AND…you will get a really cool T-Shirt out of it as well!