The Process - Graphic Designer Dallas TX

For me, the creative process is an adventure, filled with the excitement of finding the hidden treasure. And whether it’s for packaging design, branding, logo design or concepts, I go about it the same way: Explore the territory, discover the idea, build it into something amazing.

EXPLORE. This is the dreaming part. I pack up my trusty compass and my years of experience as a graphic designer, and with the client’s help, start sketching out a rough idea of where we’re going. Insights about the brand, details about the competition, exact goals of the project-it all helps fill in the creative brief, the map that gets us headed in the right direction.

DISCOVERSetting off into the wilderness, I start looking for your big idea. There will be peaks and there will be valleys, but with determination and intuition, I know I’ll eventually discover it-even if it’s initially just a diamond in the rough. This is the treasure you hired me to find, the breakthrough idea that not only gets your brand noticed, but also gets your message through loud and clear.

BUILD. Now it’s time to bring the big idea home. Shape it. Sculpt it right down to the very finest detail. And polish it up for its grand debut. This is where my design skills can truly make a difference, turning a simple idea into a real game-changer. In the end, the goal is to unveil a true marketing gem, one that delivers tangible results that help your brand thrive in the marketplace.

Explore, discover, build-a process that’s really a journey, an adventure that’s very intentionally designed to find your next big idea. Next time you need packaging design, branding or logo design, shoot me an email or smoke signal. I’ll grab the backpack and we’ll head out into the great unknown.