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NEW TOY – NEW JOY! I recently treated myself to a new toy. I spend a lot of time behind the pixel box and I have been jonesing for a “build it by hand project / hobby” for awhile now. This goes back to my childhood when I would love building model kits. Now I can “print out” any model that I can think up. SO FUN! I spent A LOT of time researching 3D Printers. Many, many great options out there, but this is the one I landed on… the UniFormation GK TWO. Along with the printer I picked up UniFormation’s Wash and Cure Station as well. Look forward to printing, sanding, painting, gluing, all the other skills I enjoyed as a kid… now the big kid… with big kid toys. ;)

Scroll thru to see the other machines, the new 3D print station at SMC, and a few of the first successful prints so far. Check back for more updates soon. Cheers!!!

Check out the printer here: Uniformation GK2

Some of the first successful prints!

The Tiny Amp. Yeah folks, that is a nickel. Check out the detail at that size!

Of course I had to print out my little buddy Stumpy.

Check back in for more updates. Cheers!