Starting Over…Again.

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Scott McFadden Creative Dallas TX

Here we go… Again!

I have just switched my website from Muse to Word Press. This will be the third time I have build my site. It has been a process for sure. I started with Muse. I really like Muse and still do. No code and built like InDesign. It took a while, but I built a site on my own! Which was nice to have full control of it. Very customizable and flexible. You can build a desktop, iPad and iPhone version of the site. Which is nice…but you have to build it three times. The plus is that you can really tweak out the iPad and iPhone versions. Like custom buttons, menus and format. Which is cool, but…. you have to build out three times! Now with word press you can find some nice templates that have responsive design. So you only have to build the desktop version and word press converts it to mobile. Time saver, but you get what you get… and you will like it. I also wanted to add a blog. Sounds easy, right? Well… with word press it is. That is basically what word press is and where it started. With Muse it does not have a blog built in to the software and if you want to “drop in” a blog from somewhere else (like Tumblr) you have to use code and it is not SEO friendly. So it really defeats the purpose of a blog because it is completely unsearchable and may as well not exist. Now you can upgrade to about a $20.00 monthly fee (on top of the Adobe subscription) to get a blog service, but word press is free. So I said &%#$ it and started to rebuild my site in word press and here is my new blog! After all the transition I am excited (on many levels) to have it up and running and to keep it the same for a long time. Well, for a while at least. Cheers!