Would you work for FREE?

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Would you work for free

Would you go into a nice restaurant and say, “Hey, I would like to eat that steak and then decide if I want to buy it.  Oh, and show me how you cook it because I want to make it at home too. Cool?”  Would you go into a retail clothing store and say, “Hey listen, I am going to try on those briefs.  Wear them around for let’s say… three weeks… straight.  And then decide if I want to buy them.  Cool?”  No… that is not cool.  So why would you go to a crowdsource service, a “logo contest”, or pay $5.00 to get your logo and branding done?  You can’t even get a good coffee for that, but you think someone can design your logo for that price?  What is the value if your company?  5 bucks?  These designers are submitting their work for free in the chance that they might win the business.  There is no research and development with the client, just a shot in the dark and a hope the client will like it.  In order to succeed in this cut throat arena, market research is cut out of the process, no rationale of why the work was done exists, and often leads to plagiarism of other artists.

By going for “a bargain”, you not only encourage bad business models, plagiarism, and unethical practices, but you also stand the chance of lost revenue from legal fees, misrepresenting your company in the marketplace, and not targeting your future customer niche.  Branding is not about a pretty image on a t-shirt, it is what represents your company in the marketplace and targets the right message that speaks to the right audience.  When you invest in good apparel for meeting with your clients you do it to look professional and make a lasting impression.  The same goes for your branding on a larger scale.  Seeing the value and Investing in your branding makes you stand out from the crowd and speak in a specific voice to your customer base for years to come.  Good branding takes research in the marketplace, concept and development to find the right solution, and the skill of a true craftsmen to execute the idea and bring your brand to life.  And that is what your company deserves. Someone who cares about your brand as much as you do.  Great branding will make your service or product successful… and it will be worth every penny.

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