The 3D Behind the 3D

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What is so fascinating about 3D is how convincingly real it looks. What is even more fascinating is the behind the scenes process and how it’s made. It took me a while to get my head around it, and I am still baffled every day on how I make it bend to my will. So I thought I would share just a quick look at some of the phases that still make me wonder, is that real?

The Mesh Background

Let’s start with the mesh background. This bit takes a while to get used to, you have to break everything down to its core structure, it’s the simplest form. Then you can start building up the model.

Adding Texture

Once you get the basic scope built comes the texturing step, where you can add color and texture. That is what really makes it come to life. Smooth surface, rough, reflection or flat? Clear? You name it, you can do it.


The lighting stage: it still gets me how based in reality this is. Anyone who says it is easy to be a photographer has no idea what a true photographer can do. In my agency days, I was lucky enough to go to many photoshoots. SO many crazy tricks… that trick the camera. That is what is interesting at this stage. You still have to treat it like a “real” photo shoot. With a key light, fill light and backlight to make it work… like real life. You can even add a kicker bounce card to get the perfect highlight just right. All those years of watching the pros helped here for sure!

The Final Stage

Seeing the final product come together is amazing. All the elements that all have to fit and work in harmony to make it work. The more I get into 3D the more I admire the 3D artist. It takes so many different facets to make it work! A 3D artist is a designer, illustrator, builder, lighting tech, photographer, and all-around tech guru all rolled into one. Re spec. Cheers!