A KISS Email Will Do

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If you read my previous post in which I explain the reasons why I pick up the phone to chat to my clients about their projects, you may be under the impression that I am not a big fan of email.

Even though I believe some situations require us to pick up the phone and talk, I think that email is great!  

I love it and love how it has changed the way we are as a society! Do you remember a time before emails? Looking back for me, I remember a time when my inbox actually held paper and junk mail. Now, we go through folders and clean out the spam folder! (Digitally recycled, of course.)  

Yes, checking and writing emails can be a time burner, but I try to keep it simple and use it for what it is best at – like appointment reminders, follow up or create a paper trail with clients.

The Benefits of Email

Email has become such a part of our lives that as business owners we sometimes forget it is a tool, and like any other good business tool,  it has to be managed and used correctly to get the most of out of it. Use the phone for the big communication points, relationship building and problem-solving. Use Email for the simple, direct, get it “in writing” circumstances. Here are some tasks I use email for:

  • Getting approvals in writing
  • Sending and signing contracts and addendums
  • Following up after a business call, sending an email with takeaways, next steps, and deadlines
  • Getting the details in writing, share links, photos, and inspiration
  • Perfect for newsletters and brand e-mails (plus you can track conversions!)
  • Sending reminders for events
  • Getting quick answers for precise and quick questions
  • Sending written instructions
  • Creating a written record

K.I.S.S. your email before it goes

There is nothing worse than being stupid busy and opening up an email that has 3 or 4 blinding paragraphs of content that you have to go through and decipher. Unless you are rewiring an old V.W. – KISS it. (KEEP. IT. SIMPLE. STUPID.)

  • Keep your email short and sweet!
  • Be courteous but get straight to the point of your email.
  • Remember that tone, jokes, and sarcasm may be misinterpreted.
  • Even if you are an emoji master, with clients and co-workers, stay away from them.
  • Use standard fonts and bullet points to organize your email.
  • God created spell check, use it.
  • ALWAYS have a branded signature and your contact info
  • If replying from your phone, add a line asking people to excuse typos and autocorrect
  • This one might sound obvious, but read your email before you hit send

With so much to do to keep things running make all your communications with the KISS strategy.